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Escape the Pike Presents Podunk
Podunk Info

A solar flare has destroyed the grid. Life as you know it no longer exists. Resources have run out. People are struggling to survive in the midst of chaos. Is there anywhere to turn? Uncle Mike always said something like this would happen. You thought he was crazy. You remember him talking about a secret bunker. He said to go there if things got bad. Would there be relief and sustenance there? Protection from dangers? It has become necessary to find out. You manage your way to Podunk and have just found the entrance. What lies behind the door? Will it help you thrive? You must enter in and find out.

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Mystery is what makes the escape room experience fun. What would you expect to see in a prepper's bunker? It is what we don't show in the video that will exceed your expectations, immerse you in the experience, and challenge your reasoning, perception, and intuition.

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Merlin's Vision Info

Something is wrong with your vision. You are seeing things in ways you haven’t before. Are your eyes playing tricks on you? Or is it something else? Premonitions? You must find out! You feel compelled to schedule an appointment with a particular eye doctor that you keep seeing commercials for. As you stand before the entrance to the business of Dr. Murray Lin, you are anxious. Will it be revealed that it is a problem with your eyes? Will you learn that you are really having visions? The answers to your questions lie beyond the other side of that door. You must step through to gain perspective.


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